Salvos Stores - Brighton Salvation Army

429 Brighton Road, Brighton SA 5048
(08) 8377 2940


Mon - Fri 9.00-5.30
Sat 9.00-5.00

Eftpos: Yes

User Rating: 2.8 (5 votes)

Reviews of Salvos Stores - Brighton


"So I’ve decided to write a review regarding the fact that this store in particular is over pricing goods that have been donated to the store. For example yesterday while shopping on a low income at the Salvation Army I went to buy a baking dish that was a set with about 4 small bowls and realised that they were pricing it at a ridiculous amount being $50.00 I’m pretty sure I can buy a brand new over proof dish cheaper than that at Harris scarfe. So therefore for a thrift store design to assist the lest needy as well as anyone wanting to get a good bargain. This is well over priced. "


"The styling in this store was incredible! Congratulations "


"Atrocious customer service from Amy. Quite obnoxious I thought. I called her to ask if she wanted me to bring down a missing Nine West sandal that I left out of a 5 bag donation. "It's ok" she said, "We're not going to miss one pair of shoes. Most of the donations get thrown out anyway". I was hurt by this statement. At some time all those clothes and shoes meant something to me. They are not junk and mostly were bought from higher end shops. I needed to make space so packed up those that I haven't worn in a while. I gave them in kindness and in good faith. God knows how I would have felt if I was donating clothes from a deceased family member and had to listen to that. Hey Amy - how about a little gratitude? It is those donations that keep your business going. You will receive no more donations from me. I also question the charity aspect of the business. They get their product for nothing, and in some cases sell it on for more than it would have cost originally - particularly the costume jewellery. You can buy a second hand string of beads in there for around $7.95. Some are more. Utter greed! Aren't some of your customers disadvantaged? Do you really need to rip them off as well? I wonder how actual shop owners feel about your business model. I don't think you should be getting away with it. "


"This particular store prices are getting very very high for what the items are, have bought some very nice pieces from there at reasonable prices in the past but not anymore. In addition the Assistant Manager Amy is very rude and on many occasions have been witnessed her being being very nasty to customers. "


"large tidy store with big range of clothes, and some furniture and 2 larges racks of shoes. they have a locked cupboard full of designer bags etc at good prices ($30.00)meduim amount of, modern furniture at cheap prices. take the time to look through all"