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6 Williams Street, Coolum


Mon - Fri 9:00-4:00
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Sun 9:00-1:00

Eftpos: Yes

User Rating: 3.7 (3 votes)


A Not for profit charity advocating against child abuse and human trafficking, regaining hope for those at risk or affected by such atrocities.

Reviews of Hope Charity Shop


"Based in the old ambulance station down a side street, needs a sign out on the main road or the street at least. Large store, front section is mostly clothes and is well set out and tidy.Out the back in a warren of rooms is a lot of kitchen items (overpriced) it is messy, disorganised, over priced for dsirty used items IMHO. Lot of prints and posters in a jumble, be careful going through them as they are a fall or trip hazard.Outdoor furniture down the side is a good find. I thiknk the management could benefit from visiting other well organised stores in the local area and get some tips, there were a lot of volunteers there just standing around when there is clearly a lot to do there.Lots of free on street parking. no AC"


"We had the best experience in this op shop! The ladies were super lovely. We had our dog tied up out the front and one of the ladies gave him a pat when he was getting restless :) The book collection in this op shop is amazing! We spent over an hour lookin at just the books and magazines!! We left with huge smiles on our faces. There were so many amazing books and they so they were perfectly organised in categories like Self Help, Education, Travel, Cooking, Children's, Novels, Animals, and Medicine etc. Thanks for being lovely and organised and making us smile. Bargain prices, too! Xx"


"Hi my name is Angela Mills I'm a mother of three kids and visited your hope charity shop in Coolum beach today. I wish I could say it was a great experience but unfortunately I was left with a very sad child on the way home today because we had rummaged through boxes of shoes that were not covered or any signage saying that they were not for sale, we were there for quite some time and at no point were we told that they were not for sale. My 11 year old boy found a pair of Kustom shoes and my daughter 5 year old daughter found a pair of Nike shoes, we are a low income family the only way I'm am able to afford these brand shoes is if I am lucky enough to find them second hand store my son in particular would love to fit in with friends that have enough money to pay all bills and buy brand new shoes for them. Unfortunately even though my husband is a hard worker Monday to Friday we struggle to feed, pay the mortgage and school our children so in a way our fun day out was going opp shopping that was until we got to the counter and asked the lady what the price was on them she then abruptly told me they were not for sale and told my son to put back because they had not been price yet. I then asked whether she could price them now and was refused and she said they would go out when they go out. Now to me I felt deflated this is supposed to be a charity shop that helps people in need to me it sounded like they had to Google it to make sure they got the best price , which I think considering people donate items I felt this was unbelievable. Through gritted teeth I paid for the other stuff a second hand uniform skirt and skins for sons football and left the shop and got into the car nearly in tears because I had to let my kids down again. I am not usually someone that complains but I felt this goes against what charities are all about (helping people in need) While I will never shop there again I thought it was best that I let you know my experience so no other person has to go through that humiliation. Kind regards Angela Mills"