385 High St Maitland, NSW
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Reviews of Lifeline Shop Maitland


"I love popping into this op shop whenever I'm passing. I've always encountered thoughtful, helpful staff. Nothing seems to be too much for them to help out. The range is extensive even for the large size of the premises, disability access is good from the front door and the hours are great. I rarely leave without something, either for myself or others, and I find the prices good and comparable to other op shops, in the region and elsewhere. I gladly donate goods to them whenever I have the need. I'll certainly continue to support them and their invaluable crisis support for anyone in Australia needing it, 24/7. Especially when they offer this support across various avenues - telephone, text, digital and face to face counselling for suicide bereavement, financial aspects, etc and DV recognition training. All such worthwhile causes. I've known a number of people who've been helped in times of distress. "


"I was passing by with my young son and he asked if we could go in. First thing I noticed was that the pricing of the books was odd. Some books were marked with prices you would expect to see on new books while others had no sticker or price at all. Then there was a sign that had set prices for some hardcovers/soft covers etc so it was all very confusing. I had two children’s books - one had a price and the other didn’t. When I bought them to the desk the volunteer checked the book over and couldn’t find a price so he asked the manager if it would be $2. The manager scoffed at the volunteer and said it was a “dear” book and she could look it up but was sure it was $15! A second hand book - not a special edition or autographed or anything like that just a donated hardcover children’s storybook in an op shop. I was then given the third degree - where in the store did I get that book from, where was the price tag etc. As the manager was being so hostile I just said not to worry about the second book. After retelling the story to someone a few hours later we looked up the book online to see what was so special about it and saw a new copy through a known online retailer could be bought for $23!."


"Now also open Sun 10-2; by far the best op shop in Maitland: furniture, bricabrac, clothing (now women's only)"