Port Macquarie RSPCA Op Shop RSPCA

15 Short Street, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444
61 2 65846329


Mon Monday - friday 9.00am - 3.45pm
Sat Saturday 9.00am - 12 noon

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RSPCA Merchandise, good quality second hand and new clothes, bric a brac, books, housewares, plants, pet towels etc

Reviews of Port Macquarie RSPCA Op Shop


"Absolutely disgusting people volunteer at the RSPCA op shop in Port Macquarie NSW... A woman customer went into the store and was greeted by a very nice lady volunteering there. They struck up a conversation and the lady volunteer told lady customer -"call me when your ready to buy & I'll give you a discount" . How nice right, wrong!..... When ready to purchase customer was attended by another woman who had a nasty attitude straight up so customer called for the first volunteer to come help with discount she had promised....& that's when the lady customer was attacked with verbal abuse?...go figure...?? Now the lady customer has an acquired brain injury from severe trauma and deep seated PTSD. 4 volunteers verbally attacked lady customer including an older male who came at her as tho he was about to attack her which thru customer into a suicidal world because everyone just wants her dead anyway ....... the depth of the abuse was demonic and no volunteer should treat anyone that way at all, they nearly had a suicide on their hands. The lady customer took several weeks of healing depression & deep counselling to help her move on but I can assure you she is still affected by those nasty RSPCA op shop volunteers. Disgusting behaviour from people who are supposed to be animal lovers, obviously they love animals and hate humans!!....I'll stand by her & never step foot in an RSPCA shop again. I'd prefer to give no stars but there is no option for no stars of course. Mean, nasty people!."