Red Cross Lane Cove

99 Longueville Road
02 8416 4420


Mon 10am-6pm
Tue - Sat 9:30am-5:30pm
Sun 10am-3pm

User Rating: 3 (1 vote)

Reviews of Red Cross Lane Cove


"The Red Cross shop in Lane Cove has quality menswear ,dress shirts , dress pants and shoes of very high quality, Chaat bargain prices , yet you still feel you are contributing too there course ! I am most impressed with the French Lady working there most days , she welcomes everybody as they come into the store , her communication skills coupled with her vibrant easy going helpful manner was is exemplary, but having said that , the Lady working on Monday just past , says nothing , no hello , no warm smile like the French girl , it’s like night and day , the French girl beats her in every area , warmth , professionalism, humour , courteous, respectful , full of life , vitality , youthfulness ! The other girl needs lessons in communication , basic things like smiling , saying Hello ! I don’t think she has much customer service experience , perhaps the French girl could bring her up too her high standard ! "