Traralgon Red Cross Red Cross

71 Franklin Street Traralgon VIC 3844
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Mon - Fri 9:30am - 5:00pm

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"This incident of racism by the staff at red cross Traralgon is going viral on Facebook today. Racism against the sovereign owners of this country is unacceptable and disgusting . Thanks Red Cross Tarragon. BiancaBelles Meyer May 11 at 11:08am ยท Absolutely FURIOUS! Just went into the Red Cross Op Shop to have a look around with my mum. In walks a male teenager of Aboriginal descent .... She immediately screamed at him "get out! Get out now!" She scared the hell out of us and wondered what was going on. The young bloke looked so embarrassed and unsure of what the hell she was screeching about. So she screamed at him again "get out , your kind come in here stealing from us - we don't want your kind in here, get out!!" So Mum went up to her and quietly asked if he has stolen from here himself. She said NO. Mum asked her again, has he been in here before and stolen from you ever before? Again, she said "NO but he is not welcome here". At this point the young man left the shop, head down, looking so sad. We followed him out and caught up with him and said " mate , we are not all like that. I am so so sorry she did that you". He smiled, shook his head and said quietly "you know what, I've never stolen before, it doesn't matter". I am disgusted and sickened. "