Uniting Care California Gully Uniting Care

324 Eaglehawk Road, California Gully
03 5446 3391


Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5pm
Sat 9.30am -5pm
Sun 9.30am - 5pm

Eftpos: Yes

User Rating: 2.8 (9 votes)

Reviews of Uniting Care California Gully


"This store now has had a new manager for some time and old female manager has left. It is pleasure to work there and serve the public. i love sorting for this charity and the team environment and how it is managed now. I always look forward to going to work as a volunteer 3 times a week.Thank you Kat Power( sorter and former front counter)"


"Used to be a great place to visit as a lot of the older reviews you see here testify. BUT ITS NO LONGER a good place to find a bargain. Terrible greedy manager is to blame! How did she get that job I do not know. She shamelessly puts absurdly high prices on her items. And she is not even embarrassed about! Such a poor inner character she has! Even worse when one suggests to the staff or manager that the prices are too high they get very angry and upset. They become irrational and impossible to speak to. Even saying things like if you don't like the prices don't come here. C'mon Uniting Church! You can do so much better than that. Maybe you could listen to regular patrons instead of losing them. You would fair much better as a Church to appoint people of better character, in these positions. You failed this time. Very unhappy with your opp shops in Bendigo since the poor changes to management. "


"I have been visiting this shop for many years and witnessed many changes. Whilst the volunteers remain very friendly and helpful, this cannot be said of the current manager who over prices every thing and has lost touch with what things are actually worth. Also, I have recently found their sales to be very misleading. Whilst they have a sign outside front entrance saying all shoes are $2.00, when you go to buy the shoes, without any apologies, will say sign is wrong and only for summer shoes. Due to complaints manager change the sigh but refused to sell shoes as original advertised. Very poor practice to say the least."


"This is a great little op shop. The volunteers who run this shop are warm, friendly, very helpful and always more than willing to assist. The shop is always clean and goods are so well presented you could be forgiven for thinking you're in a regular department store. To rices are extremely reasonable and there are always many bargains to be ha for the astute purchaser. For my money it's one of if not the best in Bendigo. "


"I had been a loyal customer at this shop for years. This shop used to be great when Tracy managed it. It was such a good place to hunt for a bargain. But honestly, It should no longer be called an opportunity shop. Profit shop would better suit. The new manager over prices everything. She is out of touch with the demographic of her customers. She is too interested profits and as a result she has lost many customers. Its a waist of time going to that store now!"


"i love the uniting care oop shops their prices are never to much and the have alot of great stuff "


"Sheets and bedding at great prices,large range of vintage clothes."