Glenroy Bargain Centre - Glenroy Lentara UnitingCare

88 Wheatsheaf Road, Glenroy VIC
9306 8018


Mon - Fri 9am-5pm

Eftpos: Yes

User Rating: 3 (3 votes)

Reviews of Glenroy Bargain Centre - Glenroy


"I love this store. I have no idea where they get their donations from, but I have often found brand new "united colours of Benneton" clothing there, with the original price tags still attached. I once asked the staff to hold a jacket that my daughter wanted for a few days for me. The day I asked, the jacket had a price tag of $8.00 on it, and the original price tag (as it was a brand new jacket that must have been donated from a store?) had a price tag of over $370.00 Brittish pounds.. which would be over $700.00 AUD. The day I collected the jacket, the store was having a half off sale on items with a specific colour tag on them, and the jacket they were holding for me had that colour tag. I was more than prepared to pay the $8.00 as I am certain that the jacket would have been sold for that price if I had not asked them to hold it, but the staff insisted on only charging me $4.00. Disappointingly there were a few people who were going into the Uniting care opportunity stores, purchasing their items for cheap prices and then re-selling them online for huge profits. What this resulted in, was the store deciding to raise their prices on their brand name items. But, make no mistake, you can still purchase brand name items, and some even still have their store tags attached, for really good prices. They also stock items that they purchase brand new such as soaps, candles, kitchenware, make-up, and sell them back to the public at greatly discounted prices. A great opportunity store. I love shopping here but I dont often get the time to have a decent poke around."


"Not sure what the last reviewer referred to. In my opinion uniting care op shops are one of the cheaper around in comparison to more expensive non-charity op shops like savers. Uniting care give 100% of their profits back into their charity and employ people such as the homeless or disabled, who might find it hard to get a job otherwise. This is a little store filled with a lot of love and some great finds as well!"