Charlestown Salvos Salvation Army

Shop 2, 219 Pacific Highway
(02) 4943 6021


Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Sat 9am-3pm

User Rating: 3 (3 votes)

Reviews of Charlestown Salvos


"Staff are friendly. Though Op shops aren't like they used to be. Too many synthetics for one thing. Then Retro shops come and buy most of the good stuff and re-sell for 5-10 times the price. I used to work for Lifeline and Management always looking for a way to bump up prices. Not sure if that happens here, but just isn't the same. Used to be great when you were low on cash and you came away with an awesome bargain, pretty rare now well unless you're a size 6, lol. "


"Good for clothing not much else. I always see staff having first go at the piles and carrying bags out to their car. That's ok but maybe don't do it when there are customers in the store. It's bad taste. Salvos used to be fabulous places for bric a brac but not anymore, they seem to think we all want to shop in regular 'dollar shop' style with cheap new products by the truckload. I hardly go here any more. "


"Very full, a bit cluttered, but other then then, pretty good."