Doncaster Salvos Salvation Army

916C Doncaster Road, Doncaster VIC 3109
(03) 9855 9000


Mon - Fri 9.00-5.30
Sat 9.00-5.00

Eftpos: Yes

User Rating: 2.3 (3 votes)

Reviews of Doncaster Salvos


"I have always lived on shops but the salvos r way to expensive, it's not fun anymore, u have a ottoman in the store for 100 dollars, it's second hand, greedy. "


"So I was going to make myself a Vision Board during my quiet NYE tonight. I was really looking forward to the experience of browsing through a pile of magazines and choosing pictures that speak to me of a future I can create for myself. Until.... I went to the Salvo's Op Shop, chose a whole bunch of magazines and then found out they wanted to charge me over $3 each!! Seriously?! Isn't a new magazine about $4-5? Wow. I was expecting they'd charge me maybe 50c each or $5 for the lot. Let's just say they can keep their magazines and I'll just visualise 2017 in my head!! #opshopripoff 😢"


"Charging too much for second hand clothing and bric-a`-brac. I know it's a charity shop, but some items I could buy new at Target for the same price."