Drysdale Salvos Store Salvation Army

8 Mortimer Street, Drysdale VIC 3222
(03) 5251 2475


Mon - Fri 9.00-5.30
Sat 9.00-5.00

User Rating: 4.3 (3 votes)


Donations only accepted 2pm-5.00pm. Tues 20% off for HCC. Weds 20% off students, Thurs - 20% off PC & HCC.

Reviews of Drysdale Salvos Store


"Tribute post to the work the Salvos do. From support; to sourcing to the sales. We'd been all around the GEELONG thrift stores looking for a table that was suitable but importantly of quality & within our budget. All the other stores had stock and splendid customer service across the board; however... it was obvious we stores didn't have our dream table to enjoy family time & dinners. Needless to say the day and our hopes were turning into dusk when we placed a call to the Drysdale store and had the call answered in a joyful manner by Daisey. She listened attentively and offered to send us photos. We had a viewing and quite liked the quality but the pricing and distance were a barrier. Daisey followed up with us; we discussed our budget for table and for the delivery fee. She said she'd work with us on something we like. Upon our arrival she greeted us by name at the door and proceeded to show us the options briefly without pushing one or the other or a sale. We spent time checking for flaws and faults; surprisingly the stock they held was of upper tier quality. A testament to the amazing people in the Drysdale area and the store for taking pride in their stock items. The table we liked was within our budget but we were worried about the delivery fee s/ distance to our premises. Daisey called up the delivery people; negotiated it all successfully. It's an under statement to say we left with a satisfying result we never hoped to achieve. We left a token donation upon leaving; wishing it could be more to match the service and the quality of the product we'd bought. Thank you to everyone who helped us today; from the office ladies at Geelong head office to the delivery people BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY the people that DONATED this furniture and that donate funds to Salvos. Life is a circle. Thank God for the Salvos."


"Great shop with lots of clothes and shoes. Spent $150.00 here on great items. Unfortunately when I got home this afternoon I found a brooch I purchased wasn't in the bag. Will try to phone Monday to see if it was left on the counter. The young girl serving me was just lovely. All up a great experience."


"Great one to browse.. Very friendly. BIG shop always FULL! new stock arrives a couple of times a week.."