Lifeline Shop Mt Isa Lifeline

79 Camooweal Street Mt Isa QLD 4825
07 4775 9179


Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sat 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

User Rating: 2.8 (4 votes)



Reviews of Lifeline Shop Mt Isa


"Barbara Bale, the women who runs your shop is a LIAR & A HYPOCRIT... Gets great pleasure out of ruining INNOCENT people's lives, whilst hiding her own personal ADDICTIONS & HABITS. Must help to have a policewoman in the Family. Please tread carefully, She wants HELP and doesn't know how to ask without embrassment. Not a Managers arsehole. "


"I had the same experience. I was told to put items back because they hadn't been priced. The manager made no effort to price them and said she would eventually. Also the DVDs are priced in line with what the manager likes and dislikes, the same with the books. The shop is a mess with stuff everywhere and it sits there as a lot is not priced to sell. It looks like a dump shop. She is an arrogant woman. If someone comes in to buy something you should sell it price it sell it. You need someone to come in and revamp the whole store completely. This woman is not an asset to the store at all. I donate everything to the Salvation Army now as the Manager is rude. Don't get me wrong I support Life Line completely but not here. "


"I was so shocked that, I was asked to put back items as they didn't have tags on them yet, even though there wasn't a sign saying not to pick them and the items were in the store environment not at the back. I followed on to say I can pay for them and they refused? Because they didn't have tags on them? Now I'm all about eco fashion and recycling as I'm a fashion designer,but also giving to these great organisations like this to help and to give and always add more money to what my finished price was, they wouldn't even allow me to do that!! Never in my life have I ever came across a op shop like this to be refused. Really disappointed "