Lifeline Superstore Cairns Lifeline

188 Aumuller Street Cairns QLD 4870
07 4050 4933


Mon - Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Sat 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Sun Closed

Eftpos: Yes

User Rating: 2.7 (3 votes)



Reviews of Lifeline Superstore Cairns


"I agree. Prices are very exorbitant, especially if goods are donated. I was told that the directors work on a profit incentive scheme, hence this is a profit driven entity to pay the big salaries etc. Not too sure how true this is. Someone needs to look into the pricing. "


"This store has items that are more expensive when they are bought and when you mention it to staff you get tod that you dont have to buy it. I dont expect something for nothing but I also dont expect staff to be rude."


"The lifeline shop on aumeller street is a charity place where people donate to help out people in need...but how can people afford any item when they're charging high prices for how is that fair when people are donating to lifeline so really it should be at prices that people can pay and not costing an arm and a leg...."