Lions Opportunity Shop - Mordialloc Lions Opportunity Shop

497 Main St, Mordialloc VIC
9580 9395


Mon 10an to 3pm
Tue 10am to 3pm
Wed - Thu 10am to 4pm
Fri 10am to 3pm
Sat 9.30am to 4.30pm
Sun Closed

User Rating: 3.2 (4 votes)

Reviews of Lions Opportunity Shop - Mordialloc


"Love this shop. Been browsing here since 2004 and the latest refurb is great. AND it is airconditioned! Great volunteers "


"Absolutely appalling serve. My almost daughter picked up a soft doll. The woman behind the counter told me if I wasn't buying it to take it off her and not let her touch any of the toys. She said it so rudely the other shoppers in the store left without purchasing there items. One woman actually dropped her stuff. Said something to the woman and left. I have never in ANY shop been spoken to so rudely. My daughter just held the doll. She was standing next to me. She wasn't being silly with it. She didn't take the price off. She didn't open or unwrap anything. She just pick it up and said 'look mum a baby' "


"Oh dear! Yesterday I tried to buy something but the lady on the sales desk was asleep for a long time so I gave up. Yet another regular salesperson can't add up calculating prices way beyond the price tags when there is more than one item. Often when there are two people on the desk, they are too busy talking together that they leave me waiting for a very long time before they bother to attend to me. One fellow simply ignores me and reads his book or looks at his phone. While it is nice that these people give their time to volunteer to serve in the shop, quite a few serving on the desk seem to be there for their own entertainment. Some of the prices are unrealistically high for an op shop. Although the store was recently cleaned, the stock and the shelves were previously very dusty for months on end. There was one really cheerful energetic lady who actually seemed very good at serving people but she seems to have left. I am sorry to say that service is almost non-existent."