Magdelene Bargain Centre AnglicareSA

46 Carrington St, Adelaide
08 8305 9385


Mon - Fri Temorarily Closed
Sat - Sun CLOSED

Eftpos: Yes

User Rating: 2.8 (4 votes)


they may have a shop at The Magdalene Bargain Centre - 46 Carrington St, Adelaide ; (08) 8305 9385

Reviews of Magdelene Bargain Centre


"I have found over the years that the magdalene centre clothing store has become quite pricy i assume this has to do with the opening of st lukes at whitmore sq. When i wandered in to see if i could exchange some uncomfortable shoes on thurs 26/11/15 they had a sale on where u could fill a shopping bag with as many clothes as u could fit for $10. I got 9 STUNNING ITEMS FOR $ 10. I HAVE tried to add a picture as an attachment here but i might try the facebook page. Thankyou so very much for your help ober the years id be very sick (and near naked!) Without your help. Yours sincerely MISS SARAH J TOVO"


"good little shop, good cause and always an interesting purchase found"


"A bit hit and miss. Sometimes there's buried treasure, other times there's not much at all. Worth a look."


"This op shop is small and cluttered alot of the clothes are old and unfashionable. Most of the clothes are handed out to the less fortunate."