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Reviews of Malvern Salvos


"I live in Armadale and I am a frequent contributor to your store with good quality, albeit, used items. I could easily sell them on eBay but regard Salvo Op shop as a worthwhile Christian organisation that does great work with the underprivileged folks. I am most disappointed that whilst most other stores on High Street and Glenferry Road display the 'Happy Christmas" sticker, with lightings and other Christian joyous celebratory symbols, Salvo Op shop at Malvern has chosen to put up "Happy Holidays" sticker. Even Muslim carpet shops owners, Hindu restaurants and Chinese Buddhist businesses have the integrity to acknowledge Christmas season and join in celebratory greetings. Perhaps the Salvos have embraced the politically correct and delusional concept of "not offending others" by choosing to remain as Nothing. There is no 'holiday season' without Christmas. This IS the Christmas season and it needs to be acknowledged as such. We must not be ashamed to celebrate our Australian Christmas. Christmas in Australia is more than a religious affair; it is a unique and typically Aussie cultural event, as Aussie as our bbq and our penchant for sporting activities. Please stand proudly in declaring the Christian spirit during Christmas season. There is no one who'd be offended if the Salvos also celebrated other festivals of other racial or religious groups. Our Australian Christian values are inclusive. Salvos need to be proud of the founding fathers of the 'Salvation Army'. Merry Christmas. God Bless."