Mornington Salvos Salvation Army

Unit 3/205 Tyabb Road, Mornington VIC 3931
(03) 5973 5108


Mon - Fri 9.00-5.30
Sat 9.00-5.00

User Rating: 2.3 (14 votes)

Reviews of Mornington Salvos


"Salvos getting expensive. ☹️"


"Went to Salvos on the 20/12/18 brought a pair of shorts for my dad. They were a Christmas present. He has tried them on Christmas Day they had a hole in them. I have been away for a week. Took them back to the store today and I get told they have a 7 day return policy. What a joke they were a Christmas present . Christmas Day was on the 25/12/18 the Wednesday was Boxing Day. Was I going to give them to him before Christmas. Why were they put out in the shop with a hole in them. You are joke salvos. You are meant to be there to help the unfortunate etc. but all you see is the money. It is only $3.50 but it is the principle. It was a Christmas present why would I give them to him before 25/12/18!!!! I had the receipt but dad had a code toy taken off he price tag. Your so called "Policy" stinks "


"Went in to shop for my client who lives on a very tight budget could not believe the prices of item's 😮😮 I thought the Salvation Army was to cater for those who were struggling financially? Everything is donated for free why so expensive? So O took them to Kmart and they purchased cheaper item's that were brand new.."


"C'mon Salvo's! I understand that you are all about making a big profit to pay your staff and line your CEO's pockets ( why are you called an op shop when you are clearly for profit!), but your ridiculously over priced stock and rude staff make for quite unpleasant shopping. I was told that a very soiled girls dress was an Australian made pure cotton designer women's brand. Uh no, the brand is sold in Pumpkin Patch, it's a cotton mix made in China. For little girls. And when I pointed out that it was very soiled, I was told in a very condescending manner that their stock was second hand. Really! Nope, I didnt realise that, you patronising woman! All I ask when op shopping, is that prices are fair and affordable, money raised from the sales goes to charity and staff or volunteers in the shop are friendly and respectful ( as I am to them). Unfortunately the Mornington Salvos fails on all counts."


"Very overpriced and very messy. We had the misfortune of asking for assistance from the woman who apparently runs the shop and were absolutely shocked at how rude she was to the customers. I would definitely not recomend this store to anyone and will certainly not be going back."


"On a ladies weekend away we visited the store recently and were shocked by the total all over the floor, clothes all over the floor, the change room had piles of clothing in it. We visited a year ago and it was great, the clothing racks are half empty?, Won't be back next year"


"Fabulous range, lovely helpful staff, great prices, $2 clothes Monday's, clean, bright, heating, just a pleasure to visit"


"clothing is expensive but organized well."




"great op shop staff are nice and clothing is great"