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Reviews of Niddrie Salvos


"I've been to this store on a number on occasions whether it be for a dress up number for one of my children for book week etc or just browse myself over a number of years. And I'd noticed the last couple of years the prices being quite high but after visiting today I could not believe the prices in this store. No 1) this is a Salvation Army store where they are selling donated goods from kind / generous ppl. No 2) The prices on the goods here are well over the cost brand new in the shop for some things eg: GMC drill they have for $79 which you can buy at Bunnings brand new for $35-$40 as its a cheap brand, Flat screen tv's that are a cheap no name brand old tv for $180. And that's just a few not to mention if you want a good brand jeans eg: Guess, Calvin Klein be prepared to pay $35-$55 there. No 3) a lot of ppl I'm sure that don't have a lot of money shop here & with these prices who are they helping? Themselves by the look of it. I would like to see where all this money is going to that they profit, as they'd be able to help a lot of needy ppl with the money there turning over in this store. In comparison if you visit a Vinnies store which I did to see for myself in a wealthy area you'll find no matter what the brand is whether well known or not it is no more than $6.00 max. And all other items are a great price that ppl can definitely afford."


"Went there on my day off on 27/09/17 around midday with my son, we got a few things and when we about to pay at the checkout unfortunately I only had $100 note on me. It was money from a cash out at a supermarket. The guy at the front check the note (which was fine) and then said that he cant accept the note as he was unsure if it was fake or not, he went and got a second opinion from someone and was advised that he cant take the money. It was fine and he was sweet about it. However the lady next to him then badgering me with questions, such us where I got the money from etc like a criminal. Then proceed on telling me that I may get checked next time when Im in the store. I dont know her name but she was the one who calls people darling, please Im not your darling. I was furious and feeling humiliated at that time but decided to shut my mouth and went to the bank instead to check the note. The Adelphi bank staff advised the money is real and not fake. I went back to the Salvos store and told the lady there off for telling rude things to a paying customer. Mind you this store sell stuff way more expensive then other Salvos stores but I still went there probably once a fortnight. She has no manner and not suppose to be in a customer facing role, she was probably never graduated from high school in the first place. She then lied telling me she didn't say those words. Well I wasnt going to come back and screamed at your face if you hadn't say that. Do not go there unless you really need something special and cant find it anywhere else and perhaps dont take any $50 or $100 notes that doesnt look real. Its a shame because my son loves buying books and dvds from there, see you never Salvos Niddrie, you just lost a great customer."


"I am a collector and love bargains but I must say this shop us on the same level of pricing for some collectable shopes in affluent suburbs !!! They forget about offering that bargain experience to the shopper and let's face it most people in there shopping are looking for bargains ! Great shop but the Hughes prices are very annoying :( Grrr"


"over priced the amount of donated goods thrown into the skip bins as rubbish could be salvaged or given away op shops once upon a time walk in feeling poor walk out feeling rich now walk in feeling poor walk out broke "


"good size shop, has tons of electrical goods. One of the more expensive shops but worth a look. sorts out the collectibles well and asks big prices.."