Salvos - Camberwell Salvation Army

529 Riversdale Road, Camberwell VIC 3124
(03) 9882 3774


Mon - Fri 9.00-5.30
Sat 9.00-5.00

User Rating: 1.4 (8 votes)

Reviews of Salvos - Camberwell


"Store music is either irritating or dreary elevator jazz. At one stage, I was startled by out of tune squeaky trumpet. Manger or a staff member dictates CD’s played. HOPELESS for children’s clothing. Kids clothes are crushed on one tiny metal rack, making it hard to browse. An ex-designer brand long jacket smelt of mothballs and unlike other Salvo Stores, there’s no ½ price rack. Except for women’s overpriced clothes and accessories, the store looks messy and neglected. Hardly any staff on the floor. At the back, I saw lots of staff and 5 full large bins. Is that all rubbish or are they throwing out donations too? "


"What the first 5 people said are 100% correct. No doubt."


"Pretty bad for men's clothes, not much to choose and way too pricey. Women's shoes, plenty. Plenty women's clothes. it's a women's store run by several very...very....very grumpy ladies who seem to hate the world. Not the kind you want to encounter. Very highly priced too! I've been going since it opened. At first it was cheap. Now it's like bidding at Sothebyes. You've been warned! Cheers have a great day! "


"The prices are high in comparison to other Salvo stores, also you get a lot of vintage clothing store owners coming in to buy lots of the stuff and resell at a higher price, so you have to get in early to buy good stuff before it goes. "


"Pros: - A store with a wide range of clothing, accessories and shoes - Staff are friendly and willing to help when assistance is required - Some stock such as clothing rotate every now and then. Cons: - The pricing on most of the items is beyond embarrassing. Some items classified as "antique" are not even antique and overpriced for all the wrong reasons - Glassware and huge plates scattered underneath the shelves, must have been there a long time as when I picked up the plates they were grimy and sticky Verdict: Not a bad store. But the prices are shockingly high"


"Is it still an op-shop???, prices are seriously over the top, actually I would name it the most expensive op-shop in Melbourne for clothes & bags & just too much stock. Here's an idea cut out the ridiculous high prices & you'll sell more. ABSOLUTE DISGRACE!, needs a new manager. and staff."


"They say that Kylie shops here - very pricey store. Quaint artifacts at antique shop prices"