166-176 Parramatta Road, CROYDON NSW 2132
(02) 9747 5218


Mon - Fri 8:30am-4:30pm
Sat 9:00am-3:00pm
Sun closed

User Rating: 4.2 (5 votes)


Easily the biggest op shop I have visited! With a street number of 166-... 176, what do you expect?

Reviews of Salvos Croydon


"As regular donators & shoppers we usually find the experience pleasant but yesterday we found the behaviour of the person at drop off area appalling when we donated brand new in sealed box camping toilet to be told it would be thrown out due to health & safety as the seal was not new, but it was as bought at retailer, we were being accused of lying, the we were questioned about why were we donating another new item, also told not sure if near new blow up mattress would be accepted. There are many other op shops & charity organisations that would willingly take these goods, we shall explore these in the future."


"One of the few opportunity shops where you can still find a bargain. I send my unwanted stuff there because they're not precious and put it out in their shop rather than chucking it. I also buy lots of stuff there because the store is really big and there are all sorts of treasures to find. The staff are very friendly and more that happy to help. It's great fun shopping at this store but allow some time. "


"Wow! Now this is what op-shopping is all about! I love this place and recommend it to everyone I know. I can buy new and used goods here at absolutely fantastic prices and the service always comes with a smile from happy, helpful staff...... I can spend hours rummaging around this big place and always leave with great finds! I'm a big fan of books, bric-a-brac, home-wares and designer labels... I'm never disappointed when I shop here! Sensible, realistic pricing, big shopping space, good variety of items and your dollars spent here go to good causes...... What more do you need?! Keep up the good work Salvos! "


"Best Salvos store around! Great for childrens clothes. I always find something to buy. Can easily spend an hour looking around, so don't be in a hurry."


"I'm regular customer of salvation Arny at Croydon store NSW but what happens is when last week I'm going there to buy some coffee mug which is cost dollar and I buy 6 of them and once I get home I only saw 4 OK it's fine but from 6 cup I have 2 which is I really like and its a sheep.. its one pair animal..female and male.. what I get is only a male.. and I ring up to the store and I live only 2 minute next to my place why I'm live..and what I get is nothing cause the staff which name call Gina tell me the cup that she wrap accidentally put to other customer bag... what she can do is only can replace me another different cup but I never want it because its a unique cup that you ever found it..I'm really upset and the next day I going back to meet the manager name call Jenny try to tell her what's going on and what the respond I get is she yelling with me and said your the lady who call in office to make a complain she said infront of customer.. And' she talk to Shane one the her staff..never ever discount even a dollar to this lady anymore she said and I try to ring the store again and talk to her cause I'm not happy with the service and words she spoke to me.. till now I never ever come back again to the store..its not mean dollar cup but the maintthing is the stuff that we get is sometime unique but not all of them.here I would like to remain to everyone who go to this Croydon paramatta road have to be careful when you and get the stuff make sure all stuff you get is all with you and make sure their not put in wrong bag to wrong customer ..very very careful. ."