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330 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
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Mon - Wed 9am - 7pm
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User Rating: 3.3 (7 votes)

Reviews of Savers Brunswick


"Overpriced Many items not complete yet sold at high prices $149 for a vacuumed cleaner that was not complete or cleaned out wheels bound stuck with hair No consistency with price two candle holders matching pair one $2.99 the other $4.99"


"Usually, I really love Savers. I think that it is one of the best second hand stores in Melbourne. However, today, when I visited Savers at the Brunswick location, I went to the cashier to pay for a book that I thought was $2.50, however they took it from me and said they needed to check to make sure that was the price of the book. When they came back they told me the book was $10! I'm sorry but ten dollars for a second hand book? that is an absolute rip-off. I think that it is really wrong for Savers to do, as they are essentially taking advantage of the customers. I may have not bought the book in the end, however, it is sad to think that someone out there will pay $10 for the book, when it was meant to be significantly less than that. Hopefully I don't have this problem with Savers in the future, and advise others to keep this review in mind when shopping at the Brunswick location of Savers in the future. "


"Savers is not an 'op-shop'. It is not run for charity. They are a commercial enterprise re-selling 2nd hand goods, some donated. Incredible bargains are on offer, but turnover is high & 2nd hand dealers buy stuff in bulk. You just have to be there at the right time. "


"While some view op shops as place to find cheap clothing, I view op shops as a time machine. Going through the clothing, book and the crystal in an op shops gives me visions of the past, and what the previous owners had been doing when they owned it. Savers has formed this pseudo-conglomerate where donated goods are stripped of all prior value and given to the highest bidder. All the charm, all the quality that was once associated with the uniqueness of op shops has been plundered into the ginormous mega-mart complex where there is a literally a 20 minute queue you have to get a ticket for to try on clothes. The shear scale on this complex is intimidating, from the moment you walk in you can hear the deafening sound of hundreds of clothes hangers scraping on metal racks each second. Some may percieve this place as an 'op shop heaven', I consider it an abomination. Nonetheless it is definitely worth a visit. "


"The best Op Shop in Melbourne. Like a supermarket"