St George's Op Shop - Reservoir St George's Op Shop

30 Ralph St, Reservoir VIC


Sat 9:00-12:00

User Rating: 2.3 (3 votes)

Reviews of St George's Op Shop - Reservoir


"Lovely little op shop with friendly staff (I think some changes in recent years) small range but always a bargan, I've bought great kids clothes (3 for $2) $1 each for toddler stuff. A lovely winter coat for $3. "


"Dear Sir I want to complain very rude behaviour and racism toward my wife for the second times by a lady work in St George's Op Shop (30 Ralph St, Reservoir VIC) on this Wednesday 14/09/2016. My wife wears veil to cover her hair and we are student here and we pay money for this beautiful country Australia from my Iraqi government. 1- First time one or two months ago, my 2 years son was eating cookes and the lady came to my wife and asked her to go outside to let my son finish his food. That is ok for us. 2- Second time today 14/09/2016, my son took a car and played with it in the shop and he holds it to buy, we saw lots of kids playing with shop toys. Your employee came to my wife and said, don't let your son plays with toys, they are for sell not for playing. He has tens of toys at home but you know he is just a child. My wife was shy and one Aussie great woman customer talked to the lady and asked her why you do that and it is just op shop and she asked her to buy a toy for my son but she refused and said not for sell. The Aussie customer told your employee you are racism and should apologize to my wife and woman wearing veil are same us (Customer said that). Anyway this great customer apologize to my wife. For your information, your employee did same rude things with another lady with veil. I think the name of this employee is Lorine. Please try to let her know, some people in Australia are students and tourists and that is good to increase the Australia income and they want respect from you. "