3-5 Mason Street, Newport VIC 3015
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Mon - Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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User Rating: 2.3 (7 votes)


Newport offers fashion, high-end homewares, books and furniture.

Reviews of Vinnies Newport


"I go here 3 sometimes four times a week. The manager is a smart, warm woman who is in the business of running a retail outlet to raise money for charity, i think we sometimes forget that her agenda primarily is to raise funds needed to support those in need so it really shouldn't matter if something is a little over priced, it's going to a good cause"


"Ive noticed the items' quality have slipped a bit and overpriced...The sales people are nice... but the lady with the crazy long hair needs to improve her surveillance techniques on her customers...i dont mind being watched but her creeping behind the bookshelves...and the insisting presence....creeps me out. Buy some cameras....please!"


"Items are mostly overpriced. I sometimes see items priced higher than I can buy same item new. I donated a ring recently that I had purchased several years ago for $165 and saw it in the op shop cabinet for $185 ! Dearer than the original shop price. That is ridiculous for an op shop. "


"The staff are lovely and friendly. The items are well over priced in most cases for condition. Some items have in fact been more expensive to purchase 2nd hand than brand new in store. My advise is to just know the rrp price before you go. Also check the books, particularly children’s books as we have come home to read books with pages missing. "


"I dropped off a donation this afternoon of some pictures frames and 6 posters and saw a blue vase for sale for $58 asked the staff if they could reduce the price to $50 as it uneven and rocky they said no. I left but came back and paid the $58 dollars but I will not be donating there in the future and Im moving soon so another charity will benifit. I have been there in the past and a young man wanted to buy a winter jacket but only had a $20 and the price was $25 and they refused so I gave him the $5 he was short. He was so gratefull. Not sure why they are so uncharitable as its a charity"


"Unlike the previous reviewer who was obviously "slumming it" by visiting the Westerrn suburbs, my experience with this branch of Vinnies has been nothing but excellent. It's staffed by dedicated volunteers who give up their time to sort an unbelievable amount of rubbish donated by the public and do their best to display quality clothing, furniture and homewares, all at reasonable prices. A lovely blouse for $5, a pair of hardly worn leather shoes for $8, a retro wooden chest of drawers for $10, sleeping bags for $4 and 3 books for $1. Also have a rack of half price clothing where I recently got some jeans for $2. And all the takings go to the many social help programmes run by St Vincents - ie to the people who are actually in need. Truly rare and antique items may cost a little more - but why would you expect something for nothing? It's a lovely, welcoming place and they do good work despite some customers whose behaviour might be a little challenging at times. They also mentor troubled young people by giving them experience in retail and management. Drop in and judge for yourself."


"Overpriced. Most of the best stock is sold to either the volunteers when sorting, or dealer arrangements. The stock that makes it out to the floor is either overpriced or damaged in some way. Occasionally something will slip through and you may find a bargain."