41 Central Avenue, Oak Flats NSW 2527
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Mon - Fri 8AM-4PM
Sat 9AM-11AM
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User Rating: 2.5 (4 votes)

Reviews of Vinnies Oak Flats


"I actually think that this shop is like da best. I find it very fascinating. There is someone I know that gets discounts on baby clothes because she's a foster carer. She has been on tv. I find it pretty good. It's the best shop ever!"


" I am an everyday shopper of this store Today I went to the shop and there was a wooden decorative dress form with a price around the neck which was $18. I continued to shop and pick up some more items. All of a sudden I was approached by staff saying I could not have this item that it had been taken out the front by mistake and had not been priced properly. Not understanding the law I said you cant do that and then the acting manager got involved and they took the item off me and took it out the back which I I have donated thousands of dollars of goods to your stores and to be treated like this is disgusting. "


"Not a bad shop, although the layout is a bit strange. Seems to be about half homewares and toys, with the other half selling mainly low-end recent clothing a few more vintage gems. The selection is pretty good, though, so provided you put in the time to look around thoroughly you might well find - well, a find!"