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Reviews of Wynnum Salvos


"Very disappointed. I went last weekend to check out the store, and the lady (who was the store manager, apparently) said I could have a mattress at a discount price. I said fine, could I have a base with that? She said she would check and ring me back on Tuesday. She also said to leave my details at the front, with my details (full contact details as to the matter) written in the book, which I did. No phone call Tuesday, and did not hear further that week. Chased it up Saturday, and was told by a lady that she would get the manager (who apparently wasn't the manager after all). I was told the mattress was sold. I told the above story and was told "Well we can't hold things for you". I told the lady that was fine, but why wasn't that emphasised to me at the time, and why did she offer to ring me on the Tuesday about the base? I was told that as to the manager "She has a lot on her mind". I said I was disappointed to be told one thing and then was told "Bye" at which time I was hung up on. I did not use rude words, and was very respectful to the lady, telling her it was not her fault. I have had a similar issue with workers at Salvation Army stores previously in Brisbane, who appear not to know how to properly run their store. Unfortunately, even when you are promised something (I was told the bed would also be sold to me at a lesser price), it didn't happen. I think I will do my op shopping from now on at eg the Uniting Care Op Shops, or better still, the Asthma Foundation store at Annerley, where they actually go out of their way to help you. "