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Reviews of Vinnies Hurstville


"A Staff member attitude made my shopping experience dreadful yesterday, 30/08/2017. An older, white, short grey haired staff member has consistently imposed and acted on her (misplaced) judgements of my family. We can no longer shop there when she is working. Once every 6mths my husband drives our large family to HCF for our dental check-ups. After this visit we love a visit to Vinnies, and often furnish our family with the clothes and items they need. Spending around $300 per visit. On prior occasions this staff member has made our shopping uncomfortable, complaining about my husband sitting on a chair (no price tag on it) and generally grumbling. This time she started by tutting and speaking loudly to the younger female staff member about my family. There are six of us. My children had neatly placed the items they were purchasing, along with some carry bags from another store next to the pillar with the shoes on it toward counter. We were adding to the pile. I was searching through shirts and had quite a few over my arm to try on when a room became available. This staff member sought out my most vulnerable child (middle child with congenital medical diagnosis) and bullied her. Telling her in an extremely patronising manner to put the things she was buying into a basket (they wouldn't fit, and would stop any further shopping because hands would be full). I watched the incident and told my daughter not to worry about her. Next, the staff member came closer to me, speaking to other staff members as well as customers, complaining about my children. Saying she couldn't tell what we were buying and what we were not. Well, neither could I at that stage as we had NOT FINISHED SHOPPING. When I questioned this woman about her rude comments she came toward me stating that She just wanted some respect... well, I lost it - I wanted the respect to shop in peace, to shop in the manner I chose (ie, put it in one place so our hands are free), and to not have my children insulted. When I became upset she said that my children were nice children (?) so I asked her why she was telling everyone within hearing distance that they weren't? They were not noisy, they were not running through the store, they were not doing anything other than shopping. I admit I behaved badly, by dropping the heavy load of clothes I was waiting to try on onto the floor & telling her to do something useful instead of ruining our shopping. We left the store & won't go back while she is working. We have had many positive experiences in this shop with the young girl, and guy - they don't seem to pass judgement on the customers, and even go so far as to enjoy a joke or two. This review is being sent to the Society, as it probably isn't good that staff can influence sales to the extent this woman does. "