Savers Noarlunga Savers

T06 12- 18 David Witton Drive Noarlunga, SA 5168 Australia
(08) 8383 2300


Mon - Wed 9am - 7pm
Thu 9am - 9pm
Fri 9am - 6pm
Sat 9am - 5pm
Sun 11am - 5pm

User Rating: 3.7 (7 votes)

Reviews of Savers Noarlunga


"Very expensive compared to local church based op shop"


"i have noticed over the last few years that the prices of goods in the store have risen considerably..i was looking at some shoes which i donated ..were never worn by me and i payed $12 for them from Big W...Savers were selling them for $ i went into the store and picked up some LP records which were for sale at $1.99 each unless marked differently..i had a quick look for a sticker with a different price but couldnt see i borought 2 albums with some other bric a brac..gets to the counter and was charged $37...we took the goods to the car and my wife checked the receipt and it said 1 record was $9.99 and the other was $ i marched back into the store and asked why the albums were so dear as there was no other sticker stating the price....then one of the managers tells me that the records were worth more money than what they were marked up at and pointed out a very tiny sticker showing the price...after a bit of arguing we did get our money i think the store needs to look at getting some experts to price up goods if they dont know the value themselves...I am a record collector myself and looked on a site and the album which they had up for $9.99 was being sold on the site for $2.99 and the $3.99 was being sold for $.99c....big mark up....luckily we checked out our receipt...the manager was telling us something about they have to make $10 million a year???? idea what he was on about "


"Great store..prices are doubled compared to Prospect and Modbury.."


"By Samantha Love the saver store very cheap and has lots of boys clothes and all set out so its easy to find what u are looking for ..😃😃"


"The discount store of Op Shops. The store is huge and well laid out in "departments". The prices are exceptionlly reasonable and EFTPOS is accepted. here is plenty of parking and baskets and trolleys are avaiable in-store for use. To see everything thoroughly one would have to set aside an hour to do so."


"would love this store so much more if it was all for a good cause, diabetesSA get such a small percent of the profits"


"AMAZING! You will walk out with a bundle of purchases in your hands. The store is huge and it is hard to not spend all your money there. Every time I've gone I have walked away with at least three things. My favourite op shop."