196 High Street, Maitland NSW 2320
(02) 4933 6828


Tue - Fri 10AM - 4PM

User Rating: 1.5 (4 votes)

Reviews of Vinnies Maitland


"One of, if not the worst op shop in the Newcastle area. This is purely because of the hostile attitude displayed at random by multiple members of staff. Asking a question warrants the staff to scold you, visiting the shop twice in a month is enough for the staff to refuse to sell items to you again because they ‘remember we’re here recently and bought a heap.’ Children are also not welcome in this store, with one certain member of staff singling children out with disgusting, unwarranted behaviour. As for the store itself, it has an appealing set out and mid price-range items. Unfortunately for me the behaviour of staff far out weighs the attraction of the store."


"My girlfriend and i came into vinnies maitland today to look around and one of the lady’s approached us and told my partner to control her language when she heard us talking about the shop not being affordable op shop prices. We did not swear at all just having a conversation amongst ourselves. Not the first time we’ve been singled out by one of the lady’s here at this store for no good reason either "


"Today the lady yells from across the room at my 9yo daughter for picking up a fake flower. Nothing breakable but an ugly old second hand fake flower! Does she treat all customers with this same disrespect or is it just the black ones?"


"I went there today on the basis of this, but they're only open till 3."