Maitland Cancer Appeal Committe Linen Service Cancer Appeal

East Mall, Rutherford, NSW 2320
(02) 4931 9190


Mon - Fri 9:30 - 4

Eftpos: No

User Rating: 2.3 (3 votes)

Reviews of Maitland Cancer Appeal Committe Linen Service


"I am very didisappointed and disturbed with Vannessa's comments. Most unusual that you would be treated like that Most of our ladies are courteous and polite. They give up their own time to raise money into research on a cure for cancer. No paid management. No money wasted on glossy advertising. Our customer base is great .repeat customers are like supporting friends and very much appreciated. I give it the thumbs up. Josina. "


"The Cancer Op shop in Rutherford I have been there both as a Customer and to give items for them to sell for charity. Both times I have been there the woman in there are so rude I will never return there to buy any products or to give them free products to sell. They are ungrateful, bad mannered, grumpy, sour faced old woman. They snatched my bags off me and dumped them on the ground and said they had no time to go through them now. When I was there buying things they told me to hurry up as they wanted to close. It's the last time they get any support or help from me. I will pick another charity!!"